Laser tracking, Inspection & test capability

Laser tracking

SAFE Air’s advanced laser technology offers the highest precision alignment and measurement for improved manufacturing techniques.
Using this tracking equipment, SAFE Air’s highly skilled engineers are able to refit and replace critical components to exacting standards.
It is also able to capture and display 3D coordinates for aircraft symmetry and alignment checks, jig alignment checks, positional and planarity checks and mapping data including damage plots on aircraft surfaces, modelling aircraft interior and exterior surfaces.
Because SAFE Air’s laser technology allows perfect levelling and shaft alignment, wear and tear is reduced on mechanical parts.


We regularly conduct inspections of parts to check for damage and wear, ensuring compliance with the Original Equipment Manufacturers requirements for inspection regimes, tolerances and limitations and identifying work packages as required to bring the part back to full airworthiness and serviceability.


We have a range of metrology and test equipment, including hardness testing, on site.