Instruments, Avionics & Electrical systems

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SAFE Air’s instrument and avionics capabilities include overhaul, servicing and repair to a range of instruments, wire and repairs for looms and the repair or manufacture of harnesses. Our highly skilled team of technicians has built up decades of experience and skill and can work with modern equipment as well as materials from older aircraft that may be out of manufacture.

SAFE Air’s comprehensive list of services in this area include electro-mechanical linear and rotary actuators (AC and DC), generators, engraving and balancing.

On the T56 and J52 engine ignition and electrical system components, we can address the complete ignition system, thermocouple system, harnesses, coordinators and speed sense switches. Our repair services also include all types of motor gearbox driven type units (valves, switches, vane axial fans) and synchro/servo type indicators and transmitters; pressure indicators and transmitters up to 10,000 PSI; and tachometer generators and generators. We also provide bay service on batteries for both lead acid and nickel cadmium types.

SAFE Air’s technicians have the capability to fabricate all types of harnesses using laser wire marking and can create looming patterns from original drawings Our instrumentation and avionics bay supports all other aircraft services at our Marlborough SAFE Air operation, including our dedicated propellor shop and on-site maintenance of the RNZAFs P3 Orion and C-130 Hercules fleets.

Because all these services are co-located, SAFE Air provides an unrivalled level of convenient, integrated services for all our customers.

For details of our formal capabilities and approvals, please see our Safety and Quality page here.