Rolls Royce T56

SAFE Air can provide complete overhaul services for T56, A14 and A15 engines.
With all work taking place in our large, modern engine bay, our Rolls Royce engine capabilities include turbine compressor, RGB and accessories.

Ninety percent of SAFE Air’s engine specialist processes are completed on-site near Blenheim, New Zealand, eliminating the need for time-consuming and costly sub-contracting of products or parts.

Our specialist equipment includes an outdoor engine test stand and a  reduction gear box test stand . The RGB test stand allows the gearboxes to be functionally checked prior to engine installation.

SAFE Air’s technicians are Rolls Royce trained and regularly attend specialist Rolls Royce information and upskilling events, so they are up-do-date with all latest technology developments and standards.

SAFE Air also offers engine shot peening services: Find out more here.