Hartzell Propellers

SAFE Air’s Propeller Service Centre is one of a limited number of Hartzell recommended service facilities around the world.

SAFE Air’s technicians undergo regular training and audited by Hartzell to ensure they can perform a wide range of services to the latest standards. Those services include complete overhauls of both metal and composite propellers, hubs and blades.

Conveniently for our customers, all the process work required on Hartzell propeller products is taken care of right here in SAFE Air’s Prop Shop.

That includes anodising and cadmium plating, specialist paint work using factory mandated paints, blade grinding and dimensional inspections, shot peening and replacement of rubber de-ice boots. SAFE Air has specific approval from Hartzell for shot peening using our robotic CNC shot peening equipment. We also perform static balancing on all propellers and dynamic balancing for fly-in customers.

SAFE Air is also proud to offer Hartzell new sales and after-market sales at competitive prices.

SAFE Air and Hartzell demand excellence in all their products and product maintenance. Both sides communicate closely and constantly to achieve the best outcome for our customers.