Customers & Projects

SAFE Air has been a strategic maintenance provider for the Royal New Zealand Air Force since 1998 and, with a relationship that stretches back almost 60 years, they remain our primary customer.

SAFE Air also supports defence support for Beechcraft and provides line maintenance and engineering support to the T6 Texan Aircraft at Base Ohakea, located on the North Island of New Zealand.

SAFE Air has a solid civil aviation customer base. We support Air New Zealand and their regional operators and maintenance organisations by providing component repair and overhaul services. This includes design and structural repair support.

SAFE Air is owned by the Airbus Group Australia-Pacific, and we are proud to support our parent company in their endeavours to support the Royal Australian Air Force. We also provide support for Airbus’ services to their wider customer base, including design and component overhaul.


SAFE Air has undertaken a large number and variety of major projects for both civil and military operators.

Upgrade programmes

In association with PASI, SAFE Air facilitated work to seal and upgrade the fuel tanks on the RNZAF’s P3 Orions.  SAFE Air hosted the aircraft at our Blenheim facility, prepped the aircraft for the work and supported PASI personnel as they completed the work inside the tanks.

The RNZAF C130H and P-3 fleets have been through an upgrade process to incorporate explosive suppressant foam into the fuel tanks.  This project was with the assistance of Airbus and the RAAF, who sourced foam for the first aircraft, which were then fitted out in Australia by deployed SAFE Air personnel.

Rappelling device

SAFE Air designed and fabricated a rappelling device intended to be fitted to the NH90 aircraft, although the design can be adjusted to suit other helicopter types.