Vintage and Specialist Propellers

At SAFE Air we consider it a great privilege to work on vintage propellers and perform only the highest quality, precise workmanship on these precious pieces of aviation history.

SAFE Air offers overhaul, inspection and repair of a wide range of out-of-production propellers.
With the world-renowned Omaka Aviation Centre’s collection of vintage aircraft virtually on our doorstep, our technicians have rare access to a vast array of vintage aircraft on which to build their knowledge and experience.

This has included the overhaul of a spectacular Spitfire five-bladed Rotol propeller.

SAFE Air also services Hamilton Standard (now Sundstrand) and Rotol propellers; overhauls a range of propellers as one-offs; and will work on propellers not currently supported by the manufacturer.

We also offer repairs on Curtiss Electric and inspections and servicing on Nanchang propellers.