How does the recruiting process work?

We have a small recruiting team who works with each of our departments to manage job advertisements, liaise with applicants, and coordinate the interview and offer process.

A Candidate who comes for an interview can expect to be interviewed by 2 or more people. Candidates should bring proof of qualifications, drivers licence or passport, and be ready to talk about their skills and experience. Interviews range from specific questions about work examples to casual conversations about your aspirations. In some departments you are required to spend some time demonstrating your trade skills.

Interviews are a two-way process. It’s not only important for us to see if you’re a match for our vacancy and team, but for you to decide if what we’re offering is what you’re looking for.

After the interview process is complete, the hiring team gets together as soon as possible to review and compare each candidate’s suitability for the role against pre-determined criteria. Once the preferred candidate has been selected and reference checks completed, an offer is made subject to pre-employment checks.


What does the pre-employment checking process involve?

Employees must have and maintain the legal right to live and work in NZ. It is essential that all employees are fit to perform the duties required of them in their position, without causing harm to themselves or others. As such we require all new employees to complete a health assessment. We will also enquire about your criminal history. For our Blenheim site, employees must have and maintain Ministry of Defence – Defence Site Clearance.


Do you require a high level of experience or do you employ trainees?

We think it is important for our continued success that we bring in people from both ends of the spectrum to keep us fresh and to import new ideas, perspectives, and experiences. In some cases we need a seasoned professional who can hit the ground running and help us push in a new direction, while in others we have a solid, supportive professional network in place that can help a less experienced person grow and thrive.


How can candidates stand out?

We want to know as much as we can about a candidate, not be impressed by fun fonts or clever gimmicks. We need everything you send to us to be electronic. At times there will be people who view your details while travelling, so electronic formats work best. Please provide your work in a PDF format. Qualifications are important and are strengthened with your experience in the aviation industry. Too much information can be overwhelming, while too little leaves others to fill in the gaps, so find a balance by sharing employment history, qualifications and experience. Attention to detail matters to us greatly, and a resume with errors can be a big deal.

We are not only looking for people with the right skills and experience. We’re also looking for people who:

  • Are service minded and will thrive in a customer-focused environment.
  • Welcome problems and apply effective problem solving techniques.
  • Are accountable for their actions.
  • Apply rigour and follow standards.
  • Are committed to continuous improvement.
  • Are experts in their field and have ambition to succeed.
  • Are team players and great leaders.
  • Are adaptable and enjoy change.


What’s in it for me?

We strive to be an engaging and sustainable workplace for world-class engineers, trades people, innovators and professionals. We’ve applied the Human Factors process to our own organisation structure and processes, and we continually fine-tune our system to ensure that we effectively address employee growth and well-being. We think it’s important to examine all the factors that are valuable to a relationship between you and Safe Air, not just the obvious ones like pay and benefits.

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I still have questions. How can I contact someone?

If you have a specific question that isn’t answered above, please send an email to recruitment@safeair.co.nz