Heat Treatment

Heat treatment

SAFE Air has a comprehensive heat treatment facility, located on-site in Blenheim, New Zealand.

We can carry out heat treatment of aluminium alloy, stainless steels and alloy steels. Our ovens are controlled to the latest specifications and calibrated regularly to ensure the process meets our required quality standard. Our larger oven facilities include a crane, to safely lift larger parts. we also carry out all post heat treatment testing to ensure conformity to specification.

SAFE Air is fully certified to provide heat treatment services and supports a wide range of domestic and international aviation clients.


All aluminium heat treat processes, from annealing to hardening, on all aircraft grade aluminium are able to be carried out on-site at SAFE Air’s heat treatment plant.

We can heat treat parts of up to 3m x 1m in our custom-built, high specification aluminium treatment oven.

Stainless steel:

SAFE Air can provide heat treatment of stainless steel and alloy steels sized up to 1x1m.