SAFE Air’s modern electroplating plant near Blenheim, New Zealand, is a leading centre for all inorganic surface finishes required by the aircraft industry.

Our large electroplating bay is fully self-sufficient and equipped to provide a superior quality product. Importantly, it is built to completely meet demanding environmental standards.

The facility at SAFE Air contains the full spectrum of electroplated and associated coatings and processes. SAFE Air’s technicians deal with small fasteners and fittings to propellers, undercarriage and structural components.

These highly specialised technicians have many years of experience in both the civilian and military aeronautical environment.


Our clients

SAFE Air’s electroplating team have strong and long-standing relationship with the aviation industry – military, commercial and general – but we also accept commercial components. Our client base is both domestic and international.

Because all electroplating services are performed on-site, SAFE Air’s technicians are available to directly discuss your specific needs as required.

SAFE Air’s electroplating shop also provides integrated support to other areas of SAFE Air’s comprehensive aviation services with the manufacture and overhaul of components.



The quality surface finishes offered by SAFE Air include electroplating, aluminium surface treatment (anodising), electroless plating (nickel plating – unique finish), passivation of stainless steels, black oxide finishes and Parkerizing (phosphate coating).

We can provide surface finishes in accordance with specified requirements. This includes colour variations, for which we stock dyes on-site; and mixing the types of finishes to meet our customers’ or manufacturers’ specific needs.

SAFE Air’s electroplating facility is large and diverse; our technicians are always available to discuss the inclusion of new processes

In addition to our on-site electroplating baths, SAFE Air offers a range of brush plating services, such as corrosion protection coatings. This service is fully mobile domestically and internationally.


Corrosion testing

SAFE Air’s salt spray facility enables us to perform corrosion resistance testing, which is fully ASTM B117 compliant.



SAFE Air operates its own chemical analysis laboratory to ensure full compliance with all civil and military regulatory requirements and specifications including OEM, AMS, CAA NZ, and ISO.
Outside agencies are employed to assist with physical testing such as hydrogen embrittlement.